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Let's start at the beginning ;). What does Serendipia mean? 


A Serendipity is a discovery or a fortunate and unexpected thing that occurs when you are looking for something different. It also refers to the ability of a subject to recognize that he has made an important discovery even if it is not related to what he was looking for. In general terms, it can also be referred to the chance or coincidence, the unexpected fact of finding something surprising and wonderful.

Our History. The beginning of everything!


Our Brand idea was born in the city of Seville, Spain, back in 2017. The passion for traveling came from when we were little, the taste for fashion completely captivated us over the years.

Serendipia arises with the vision of uniting a daily element as a backpack or bag, with the idea of ​​being fashionable, feeling special, identifying with oneself and creating the accessory that accompanies you.

Why couldn't a backpack become something special? A daily companion that, without ceasing to be practical in its essence, does not imply sacrificing originality, style or quality.

We wanted to create more than just a backpack, we wanted a companion for everyday life that you could identify with, that would accompany you on a special trip, on a getaway anywhere, or simply on the way to university or work.

We always had something clear, a commitment. Every Serendipia should contribute its grain of sand, being made ethically, using sustainable fabrics, in short, adding value. If you have a Serendipia, you have a companion certified as 100% animal free, made with organic cotton or recycled materials, made ethically and fairly.


Thus, with a pencil and paper we began to outline what we are today. There are already thousands of Serendipias spread throughout much of the World that make up this great family that we are today. Thousands of memories, daily experiences and incredible experiences stored in them.

We will continue to challenge ourselves at every step to surprise with sustainable and unique fashion.

Our objetive? become the Serendipity of your day to day. Offer companions who become inseparable ;)

From Spain, to the whole world, this is Serendipia.

And you... still without your Serendipia;)

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